Silicone Rendering

Silicone render serves as the crowning touch in a thin coat render or external wall insulation system, offering both texture and a customizable array of colors for endless finishing possibilities. It’s a hassle-free application, straight from the bucket, and once it sets on your walls, it ensures long-lasting durability without the worry of cracking.

Our team of proficient craftsmen takes great care when rendering your home, not only enhancing its appearance with meticulous detail but also leaving it as spotless as when we first arrived.


External Wall Insulation (EWI)

An External Wall Insulation (EWI) render system represents a sophisticated and efficient approach to enhancing a building’s thermal performance. It consists of multiple layers that work in harmony to significantly boost the insulation and aesthetics of the structure.

This innovative system starts with the application of sturdy, rigid insulation materials like boards or sheets. These layers serve as the initial barrier against heat loss. Over this insulation layer, a reinforcing mesh is expertly affixed, followed by a meticulous rendering process that encompasses both a base coat and a finishing coat.

The primary advantage of embracing an EWI render system is the remarkable enhancement in a building’s ability to retain heat. By fortifying the exterior walls with this system, you can enjoy increased energy efficiency and reduced heating costs. Additionally, the finishing coat applied at the end of the process imparts a sleek and refreshed appearance to the building’s facade, ensuring an attractive, modern aesthetic.


Plastering Services

Skimming - Skimming is a specialized plastering technique that involves applying a top coat of plaster to conceal imperfections and achieve a flawlessly smooth and level surface on walls or ceilings. Our team of highly skilled experts boasts years of experience in this field, ensuring swift and efficient completion of every project. We prioritize thorough surface preparation before skimming to prevent cracking, employing precision and attention to detail to leave you with a pristine finish. 

Our commitment to cleanliness, efficiency, and punctuality ensures that our work aligns seamlessly with your schedule.

*Float and Set*: this method for applying base plaster onto blockwork or brickwork This involves applying thin coats of plaster until the desired depth is achieved, resulting in walls finished to a high-quality, smooth standard, ready for decoration. Our float and set service caters to households, new construction projects, and any other properties in need of this expertise. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Insurance Work

We have successfully completed numerous insurance projects for our valued customers in Essex. We are proud to hold approvals from various insurance companies and assessors. In the unfortunate event of incidents like burst pipes or floods, the consequences on your property, particularly your walls and ceilings, can be astonishing. In some cases, the ceilings may necessitate removal and re-plasterboarding. Should this be the case, our plastering and dry lining services can effectively address these issues. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will promptly evaluate the damage and provide you with a written quotation for your insurance provider.


Artex Removal Services

If you’re looking to eliminate Artex from any room in your home, we’re here to assist. We understand that removing Artex from your interior walls or ceilings can be a challenging task, often leaving behind an uneven and rough surface. Our team is skilled at restoring these surfaces to a smooth and flat finish.

After taking the necessary precautions, including fully sheeting and protecting the surrounding areas, we’ll carefully remove any high points of the Artex. If there are any cracks, we’ll repair them using fibre mesh and seal the ceiling with a grit adhesive to ensure the new plaster skim will adhere. Once dry, we apply a fresh top coat of plaster.

In certain situations, it may be necessary to overboard the ceiling with plasterboard to achieve the desired results


Dry Lining

Dry lining presents an innovative approach to interior wall finishing by fixing plasterboard sheets to walls or ceilings, This method boasts speed, cleanliness, and convenience, setting it apart from the time-consuming and messy traditional alternatives involving wet basecoat plasters like sand, and cement or hardwall.

Once the plasterboard is securely in place, a smooth flat finish can be achieved with a plaster skim finish.

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